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Points Empowered

Points Empowered is a donation based program designed to empower women. Each month, WAB will select an organization that benefits women as the benefactor. For every 1,000 points earned (via our rewards program) we will donate $1 to the organization chosen for that month. 

  • What is Points Empowered? Some of you may already be taking advantage of our rewards program where you can earn points for things like making purchases and referring friends. What our points Empowered Program does, is take those points you earn and turn them into dollars to be donated to an organization
  • What kinds of organizations will WAB be donating to? We have decided to focus our efforts on organizations that empower women. We will choose a different organization each month.
  • How can I help? For every 1,000 points earned by our customers, WAB will donate $1 to the organization chosen for that month. There are a few ways you can earn points: Making purchases, referring friends, signing up for the program & following us on Instagram. 
  • How do I sign up for the Rewards Program? Click here to sign up for Wooden Arrow Rewards

Points Empowered Benefactors:

November 2016- Dress for Success Oklahoma City