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LipSense FAQ

Are you new to LipSense? If so, you probably have some questions. 

What Is LipSense? LipSense is a waterproof, kiss-proof, smudge-proof, budge-proof lip color.

How long does LipSense last? Anywhere from 4-18 hours. Lasting power varies based on things like your personal body pH. For best results, apply gloss throughout the day, especially before eating or drinking!

Why do I have to buy a kit? If you're a new customer, you need all three elements of the starter kit (Color, Gloss, Remover) to get started. Once you have a starter kit, you can add to your collection with a la carte colors and glosses and buy remover as you need it. The gloss works with the color to create the lasting power, therefore one is not good without the other! 

How to I apply LipSense? Check out the video below! 

Why do I apply three layers? LipSense is applied in three layers to create the lasting power you love!

How do I order? Contact us at to place your order! 

I love LipSense, how do I become a distributor? Contact us at to learn about becoming a distributor and receiving a discount on this amazing product!

How long does a tube of color last? 4-6 months

More Questions? Just email us!