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About Us

Wooden Arrow Boutique is an inclusive lifestyle boutique designed for empowering women and delivering the latest fashions. We believe that every woman is beautiful; we want to be more than just a boutique, we want to be your lifestyle agent aimed at accentuating natural qualities that make you unique and distinctive. Our aim is for you to look good in our clothes, but more importantly, feel good in our clothes. 


In September 2016 we launched a new rewards program for our customers. Although the intent is to provide our loyal following an opportunity to receive rewards for shopping, we intend to launch a new program, Points Empowered, in November 2016.  Points Empowered is a program focused on empowering women. Each month, based on the number of points our rewards members earn, we'll donate funds to various initiatives aimed at empowering women and of importance to our clientele, such as: college funds, job preparation, single mothers, women's initiatives, etc. It's more than just giving back, it's about connecting with issues that are most important to us and our customers. Although we are small business with limited funds, we believe in socially responsible business and will do our part in contributing to the greater good. 

Orders are typically fulfilled and shipped within 48 hours. If an order is expected to take longer to ship, you will be notified via email. 

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