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A Bittersweet Farewell

Life is always changing. That’s the one thing we can always count on, right? Well, that, and to expect the unexpected. If you had told me on the day I married Nathan that four years later we would be living in Raleigh-Durham with a beautiful 13 month old little girl working at an incredible ad agency, I would have said you were crazy. We love the life we have here more than we could imagine and we wouldn’t change it for the world, but we certainly never expected it! We began our lives together in a town that will always...

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Exciting News for Wooden Arrow Boutique!

We are excited to announce that WAB will be moving its home base to Raleigh, NC! As many of you know, we are a wife/husband team based in Kansas. At the end of April, we as a family and WAB as a business will relocate to North Carolina! As our move comes closer, we will focus on lessing the amount of inventory we have to move across the country, meaning savings and sales for you!!  With to move coming up there will be less new arrivals over the next few weeks. But have no fear! We will be back in full...

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